Hi! - My name is Linda, and welcome to my Web Site
I have started this web site mainly to share the genealogical information I have accumulated over many years.
By the way, that's me, furthest on the right with the cello - another passion
I grew up with the newspaper my first cousin 2nd times removed (I always thought he was a great-uncle!) published - Sargentrivia. Cousin Ziegler Sargent started publishing Sargentrivia during the war (WWII) to share stories of the 'boys in uniform' with the 'folks back home'. Soon he was retired from Sargent & Co, and he went back to school - Yale - to get a Masters in History. Genealogy was his love, so with each issue of Sargentrivia we got letters from servicemen, genealogical history of the Sargent ancestors, and news from the large and growing family. He also printed birthdays - but omitted the year for women between the ages of 20 and 60! My goal is now to share this newspaper with members of the family, to publish the earlier newspaper on-line. And as a modern benefit, eventually to increase a sense of community among the modern-day Sargents.

To view Genealogy data on this site, click here. The information includes not just Sargents, but those who have married into the family, and many descendents.

To view some of my favorite photos, click here (sorry, not yet created!)

I'm hoping to include family pictures, recipies, travel tips, etc on this site.