Be wary of family legends (even if you don't know they are legends). I was told my great-grandparents were buried in the beautiful Mt Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. Cousin David recently checked out a cemetery in Chicopee, MA & found great-grandparents - and grandparents - tombstones. Finally went to Mt Auburn; they were cremated at Mt Auburn but sent to Chicopee for burial.........
Arzt, Stella  (1911-1942)
Canfield, Thomas  (1623-1689)
Collier, Thomas  (1761-1842)
Curtis, Everard  (1758-1846)
Curtiss, Lura E  (1906-1978)
Curtiss, Marjorie  (1895-1995)
del Castillo, Janet  (1925-2017)
Garn, Ephraim  (1841-1920)
Hall, Vera Luella  (1920-2008)
Manly, Robert McEvoy  (1919-2004)
Reeves, Emma  (1919-2012)
Reinfeld, Kurt  (1914-2000)
Sargent, Sophia  (1798-1874)
Wingfield, Thomas (Sir)  (c 1438-1475)